What if you want one? 27.05.2010

Hosting of the machines

When you decide to own one or more of our Wave Energy Converters, you must select also a Wave Energy Park where to host it. Different Wave Energy Parks will offer different remuneration to the machines hosted in them, and different contractual conditions.

We list in the Wave Energy Parks section of this web site the various Parks already active or under construction.

Various types of installation

The installation can have different sizes:


The machines of all types are well suited for production for the wholesale electricity market: for that they will be deployed in tens or hundreds, and typically will be owned at least in part by Utilities.


The smaller machines are very well suited also for the “retail” market, like mini-wind or PV installations of comparable power. We are starting to set up “Wave Parks” to host these machines sold to individuals, companies, villages, so that they will be able to buy the machine in a completely serviced (installed) configuration.

A single Wave Park typically can host from one to a few tens of machines, and charges a fee for that to the owners of the machines: we promote and support entrepreneurs who would like to start such an innovative business, anywhere in the world. All the technical challenging maintenance operations are performed centrally by 40South Energy, and the Wave Park operators need to perform only straightforward installation and ordinary maintenance operations.


Background image: Photo by Michele Grassi