Installation of D100t 12.08.2010

Yesterday, August 11th 2010, we installed offshore the D100t prototype (in the background one of our Technical Directors supporting the scuba divers). We will start collecting data in september.

Although in the case of the D100t there is the need of shallow depth scuba diver activity, in the commercial machines this will be reduced to a minimum, mainly to monitoring activities.

As one can see also from the photograph, the installation procedures were carried out in approximately 0.5m waves. We used only a small (18m long) tow boat and a couple of smaller support vessels, and we didn’t need barges or special purpose boats. The Lower Member is so stable under the action of waves that even when on the surface and with 0.5m waves impacting on it we could barely notice its movements while walking over it.

The development of D100t was partly financed by the financing  “Sostegno delle sviluppo sperimentale” by Regione Toscana, as part of POR CReO/FESR 2007-2013