Distributed Renewable Energy Generation 2.01.2012

Wave Energy seems the perfect choice for distributed generation of energy – that’s using wave energy to create renewable energy on a community scale. After all, a large majority of the world’s population lives near reasonably energetic seas. Our offering spans from the small shallow water H24-50kW wave and tidal machine to the offshore wave machine R115-400kW, and will soon include an H24-500kW shallow water wave and tidal unit and an R4M-4MW offshore wave unit.

The distributed generation of renewable wave energy has many advantages over centralized generation. Not only do you save on the cost of grid infrastructure but also each community becomes responsible for the operations and maintenance of their wave energy sources and its conversion. Our machines are already today capable of producing at grid parity once used for self production in most locations on the world.

In many cases, the production of water via desalination powered by wave energy allows for the storage of excess energy in the form of purified water. This saves a huge amount of money when compared to the costs of upgrading the grid to be capable of handling the fluctuations of renewable energy sources.

Moreover, distributed wave energy distribution makes cheap and renewable energy immediately available to more isolated communities which are traditionally beyond the reach of the grid.

Whether you need wave energy for centralized (utility scale) generation or distributed generation, the 40South Energy range of wave energy machines are ideal.