— Italy – Punta Righini R-WEP 4.01.2012

Our current test site is located approximately 1.5Nm offshore Castiglioncello, in Tuscany. The wave climate is relatively mild, although you have the occasional rough event. For example, in December 2011 we had a storm with up to 6m, 10s waves in very rough and multi-directional seas, with conditions as tough as oceanic ones (where waves are bigger but much more regular).
Currently the site is not grid connected, although we are evaluating the possibility of laying a cable to it to put the test machines there in production. During the past few years we conducted extensive baseline and contextual environmental on the site.

In March of 2013 we obtained the upgrade of the authorisations, to be able to install up to four R115 machines at the test site. Our test site of one of the very few in the world capable of hosting full scale wave energy converters in an offshore, energetic environment.

The area used for the WEP is extremely limited: approximately 300m x 250m, which might seem large on land but is completely negligible when 3 kilometers from shore. In particular it does not interfere at all with industrial fishing (we are in 47m depth, where you cannot use dragnets), with commercial navigation (we are closer to shore than any commercial route) or with recreational navigation (we are not on any specific connection route between ports).

During October 2013 we finished the positiining of the mooring systems for the first R115 machine and for the communication and monitoring antenna, and in December 2013 we deployed our first R115 unit to complete the tests campaign started in June 2013. In March 2014 we concluded successfully the tests and in July we started retrieval of the unit. In November 2014 we retrieved the communications and monitoring antenna after several months of flawless performance, for controls and updates prior to redeployment.

Operations and maintenance of the park is carried out by our partner Elements Works SRL.

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