— Italy – Pomonte R-WEP 9.01.2013

We completed the consenting process for a Wave Energy Park off the south west coast of Elba Island, in the Tyrrhenian Sea. We would like to thank the Italian authorities for a constructive and positive approach during all the process. In particular our thanks go to “Capitaneria di Porto di Portoferraio”, to the Major of Marciana and to the Province of Livorno. Among other things our technology was included in the Elba Island award winning “Covenant of Majors” pact.

Initially we will position there a machine smaller than 100kW, and then we will apply to upgrade the site (and the consenting) to be able to install up to four R115-200kW. The Pomonte WEP has also been included in the Italian Registry for renewables, the first wave energy site to achieve that.
We will install the first R115 machine, downgraded to 99kW for consenting reasons, during Q2 2015.

Please see also the WEP’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ElbaWEP or images of the site and the general area