PRESS RELEASE: First R115 machine to be launched on June 19th 7.06.2013

The first R115, which is a machine rated at 99kW, will be launched in Pisa on June 19th at a marina inside the “Darsena dei Navicelli”. After final assembly , most likely towards the end of July, the machine will be towed to the Punta Righini WEP (which is our test site) and stay there for a few months for commissioning and systems check.

After the summer we will retrieve it, perform a thorough check (and possibly some adjustments) and then the machine will be ready for prime time in a grid connected installation. We are in the consenting phase for the Elba WEP, and hope that consenting there will be in place in the fall, so that we’ll bring the first R115 there. At this point property of this unit will pass to Enel Green Power , who has bought it back in 2012.

If consenting at the Elba site will not be in place in time , we’ll decide with EGP how to proceed. After this initial installation, and provided that updated consenting will be in place, we plan to upgrade this first R115/99kW to a full R115/150kW, and to add two more R115/150kW machines at the same site.