WT25 powertrains are here! 18.09.2014

The WT25 powertrain is finally here! After months of design work, which took into account the design and tests of TEP modules over the past eight years Replica Handbags, we completed the detailed design of our first powertrain for wave energy conversion or “wave train”. The WT25 is rated at 25kW Replica Handbags, and has an interchangeable AC interphase to make it adaptable to different applications. The first 12 units are already under construction Replica Bags Replica Handbags, and will be used in the upgrade of the first R115 and in the first four H24/25kW machines (three of which have been already sold).
The approach through powertrains constitutes a “coming of age” for our technology, because it allows to stop working in a project based approach and to start working with an industrial one. Modularity, replicability, quality control http://www.inhandbag.com, serialization are the keywords in this new era, and we think that this will bring significant change in marine energy.