PRESS RELEASE: Winners of 2014 Eurosolar prize 25.11.2014

40South Energy and Enel Green Power Pick Up European Solar Prize

The R115 Wave Energy Converter earns 40South Energy and Enel Green Power the green energy award, which they picked up at the recent ceremony held in Rome

40South Energy and Enel Green Power  have been awarded the European Solar Prize 2014 at a ceremony organised by green energy organisation EUROSOLAR and held at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome on 24 November. 40South Energy and EGP earned the award in the Industrial or Commercial Companies and Farmers category for their collaboration in deploying 40South Energy’s R115 Wave Energy Converters (WEC).


40South Energy entered in this award-winning partnership with  EGP to support the large-scale deployment of its R115 devices and the two-megawatt R1300 WEC (which it is developing) in some key markets for EGP, including Italy, Spain, Chile, and the United States.


Now on its 21st edition, the European Solar Prize is one of the oldest and prestigious renewable energy awards. It honours towns Replica Designer Handbags, municipalities, companies, local associations, architects, journalists and individuals for their outstanding commitment, extraordinary accomplishments and significant contributions to the use and expansion of renewable energy.


EUROSOLAR, otherwise known as the European Association for Renewable Energy, was founded in 1988. It is a registered non-profit organisation that conducts its work independently of political parties Replica Handbags, institutions, commercial enterprises and special interest groups. It develops and encourages political and economic action plans and concepts for the introduction of renewable energy. These range from market entry strategies to proposals for future research and development policies Replica Handbags, from tax breaks to solar energy use on conversion sites, from the contribution of solar energy to the developing world to agricultural, transport and construction policies.


Since 2012 40South Energy and EGP have been working together in support of the large-scale deployment of 40South Energy’s R115 devices and larger successive versions of 40South Energy’s ground-breaking WEC technology in key EGP markets. The aim of the partnership has been to accelerate the deployment of this innovation by combining it with EGP’s global experience in building and operating plants using a wide range of renewable energy technology.


The first 40South Energy unit, already tested off the coast of Punta Righini in Tuscany, will be installed in the coming months in Elba Island and will be capable of supplying more than 80 households. The Elba site has been consented by 40South Energy and inscribed in the Italian national registry for renewables, the first commercial plant of this kind in Italy (and one of the very few offshore commercial wave energy sites worldwide).


The radical design of the R-type devices is based on several innovative and patented solutions by 40South Energy that solve problems plaguing previous generations of attempts at offshore wave energy extraction. Principally, the two-stage design allows the apparatus to move up and down autonomously in the water column and seek its nominal energy level. The R115 version, on whose deployment is focused the collaboration between the two companies Replica Handbags, is available in 100-200kW power levels, and it functions in both grid-disconnected and grid-connected (utility scale) applications. 40South Energy will soon deploy at sea a new type of devices, the H24, which extract from both waves and tides and promises to be as groundbreaking as the R-type machines in the separate sector of near shore marine energy.