The H24-50kW Wave and Tidal machines 25.11.2014

Basic facts

Guiding Member shape: “Linear guide” type arrangement

Guiding Member length: 12m (length could change depending on installation)

Rated Power: 50kW

Mooring: Gravity based, plus harpoons or bolts depending on quality of sea floor

Expected capacity factor (wave only) in the Mediterranean: 20%-35%

Expected capacity factor (wave only) in the Ocean: 40%-55%



The H24-50kW is the first offering from 40South Energy of machines of type H, our first line to reach commercial stage (later in 2017). The H24-50kW is a small device, with a Guiding Member which sits on the sea floor or on a small support structure (depending on water depth and on tidal range), and a Moving Member above it which moves under the action of waves or tides. It uses the same WT50 power trains used in the R115 offshore wave machines, and will be followed soon by a 500kW version which will use the WT500 power trains shared with the R4M offshore wave machine (first prototype expected for 2019). As far as we know, the H machines are the only ones which work seamlessly as wave and tidal units.

The H24 machines underwent a thorough risk assessment, which has been certified by the certification authority RINA. The assessment proves that the machines are safe even in the unlikely event that unauthorised personnel (or large marine animals) comes in close proximity with the machine during operation. This is a significant achievement, which sets the machine apart with respect to all other wave or tidal machines we are aware of.

The mooring is provided by gravity plus links to the sea floor in the form of bolts or harpoons, depending on the quality of the sea bottom.

The installation consists in the fixing of the guiding member to the sea floor, with or without the moving member already in place (depending on the environmental conditions and the size of the installation vessel). This can be performed by one of our pre-qualified partner EPC companies.

In grid connected situations these machines are being used in Wave and Tidal Energy Parks consisting of several units in arrays, typically disposed parallel to the shore. The ideal situation is when coastal protection structures are already present or in need, like when there are harbours or airports.

The target for these machines in grid disconnected situations are islands or isolated communities with an average electricity consumption in the order of 50kW or more (if no energy storage is available). If energy storage or a flexible power usage are available, then the machine is useful also in situations where the average consumption is lower than 50kW.

The production with these machines is significantly more stable than that of wind turbines and in case that the site is energetic both in tidal and wave energy they can achieve very high capacity factors.

The first units will be installed soon in Italian waters and in other sites around the world

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