Technologies 1.06.2017

The core 40South Energy technology are the H24 Wave and Tidal machines and the forthcoming R-type Wave Machines. They are both unique

H-type and R-type wave machines: Completely Underwater and with Automatic Depth/Water impact Control

Because our R-type wave energy conversion machines are below the surface and regulate their own water impact (H24) or depth (R) automatically, it means:

  • the wave machines are unaffected by even the harshest of conditions;
  • they maintain a very high level of efficiency;
  • they respond automatically in real time to the prevailing sea conditions;
  • the wave energy machines pose no threat to surface navigation;
  • there is negligible environmental impact;
  • and all maintenance of 40South Energy wave energy machines can be performed on the surface.

H-type and R-type wave machines: Quick Deployment in Water from 10m to over 40m Deep

Our partners can deploy your 40South Energy wave machine within days (hours in the case of the H24), thanks to our testing processes and the fact that the machines have the same operational limits no matter where they are deployed. This means:

  • low installation costs;
  • it’s possible to install a complete wave park within weeks;
  • and every coast in the world becomes a possible deployment site for 40South Energy wave energy machines.

H-type and R-type machines: Modular Design

The design and build of our machines guarantees you:

  • low maintenance costs;
  • the machines can be shipped anywhere in the world via container;
  • first level maintenance can be carried out locally;
  • prices that are competitive with offshore wind
  • shared technology platform between R-type and H-type machines.



Background image: installation of Y25t at Punta Righini during 2011. Photo by Michele Grassi