Wave and Tidal Energy Converters for commercial energy production _________ 3.10.2018

40South Energy Italia designs, produces and sells wave and tidal energy converters: the H-type machines and the R-type ones.

On September 13th the 40South Energy H24-50 unit deployed off Marina di Pisa started putting wave energy into the Italian electricity grid! Here the LinkedIn post by Enel Green Power

Thanks to the teams at 40South Energy Italia SRL and Elements Works SRL for their competence and dedication, which made this achievement possible. This result brings commercial viability of wave energy conversion one step closer and puts 40South Energy Italia at the forefront of the global race to harness this new renewable energy source.

This machine, the first of the H24 series designed and built by 40South Energy, was deployed at sea in November 2015. All sea activities have been carried out by Elements Works SRL since then. After deployment and commissioning, the machine started converting wave energy into electricity, but dissipated this electricity locally instead of putting it into the grid. This machine reached a “Technology Readiness Level” of 7 (in a range from 1 to 9), which corresponds to complete validation of the design at full scale and in a realistic environment.

After an extensive technical due diligence, in November 2016 this H24-50 unit was bought by Enel Green Power, with an agreement which allows 40South Energy Italia to keep using it as a testing platform for its R&D activities. 40South Energy Italia remains the sole owner of the IP associated to all its wave energy converters. In December 2016 Enel Green Power also invested in the company 40South Energy Italia SRL alongside Invitalia Ventures, and during 2017 Genia SRL and Invitalia Ventures made an additional investment.

During 2017 40South Energy Italia designed and built a number of upgrades for the H24-50 machine type, to bring it closer to the “Technology Readiness Level” 8, which corresponds to commercial viability. After the necessary modifications to the authorizations and documentation due to the change in machine property, at the end of 2017 40South Energy Italia commissioned to Elements Works the implementation of the new solutions on the H24-50 unit off Marina di Pisa. This upgrade activity culminated in the commissioning and turning-on of the machine, and the first grid production of wave energy. The first grid energy production was carried out on September 13th 2018 with very small waves, a proof of the efficiency of the design.

Besides energy production into the grid using the Marina di Pisa unit, R&D activities on the H24-50 design will now continue, with the aim during the next few months of completing the design and deploy at sea the first unit of a commercial H24-50 machine. 40South Energy Italia will target the H24-50 initially commercially at off-grid sites and small on-grid applications, all over the world. The company is now seeking an additional financing round to complete these activities.

The radical design of our R-type wave energy converters and of our H-type wave and tidal energy converters lets you reap the benefits of commercial wave and tidal energy while avoiding the drawbacks of conventional installations.

The 40South Energy H-type wave and tidal energy converters comprise one fully submerged guide over which slides a Moving Member – always completely submerged.

The 40South Energy R-type wave energy converters comprise one fully submerged section – called Lower Member – and energy interceptors – called Upper Members – at different depths. The relative motion of the Lower and Upper members is converted directly into electricity on the machine. The depth of the machines is controlled automatically to respond dynamically to changing sea conditions.

You can read more about the 40South Energy technology on our “Wave Energy Converters” page.

Our R-type Wave Energy Converters and our H-type Wave and Tidal Energy Converters Work In All Sea Conditions

This ability of the R-machines to vary depth dynamically and automatically in response to any changes in the state of the sea also guarantees that the same machines can operate across the globe.
The H-machines adapt to the sea state by changing dynamically the cross section impacting on waves and on tides.
Whether the installation is in Orkney, Tuscany, or Oregon, the machine will work within the same operational limits.

Wave and Tidal Energy Converters From Community Scale To Utility Scale

Our machines are ideal from centralized (utility scale) generation to distributed (community scale) generation, so no matter the location or purpose, 40South Energy machines can meet your commercial wave energy requirements. At any scale, Wave Energy Parks collect several wave machines in a unified energy production site, and are sizable from 50kW to several Megawatts. Wave Energy Parks are typically owned and operated by third parties, which guarantee O&M of the wave machines, for a fee.



Background image: installation of H24-2015001 at Marina di Pisa during November 2015. Photo by Michele Grassi