About Wave Energy Conversion

At 40South Energy we have the expertise to turn ocean wave energy into useful work. Exploiting wave energy correctly lets you generate electricity, run a desalination process, or pump water, among a host of other tasks.

Most experts believe that converting sea and ocean wave energy is, along with photovoltaic (PV) energy, one of the best options for the future production of renewable energy. This is why scientists and inventors have been trying for decades to find ways to capture the energy in ocean waves. The search has not had much success. Until now.

How 40South Energy Wave Energy Converters can be used

The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the 40South Energy wave energy machines mean that potential uses of the machines are many and varied. Here are just some of the ways they can be put to use, with the help of some of the partners of 40South Energy:

  • IN GRID CONNECTED WAVE ENERGY PARKS, where they can produce energy to be sold through the electricity grid. All our machines are perfect for this because they achieve a final energy cost – in almost all wave conditions – that is competitive with offshore wind.
  • IN FRONT OF HARBORS that adopt cold ironing to supply clean and cheap energy to the ships at berth.
  • IN ASSOCIATION WITH DESALINATION PLANTS – even in the absence of connection to the grid – to produce desalinated water. This deployment has the added advantage that water is easily stored (as opposed to electricity), so that an installation can rely completely on our wave energy machines for its water needs and use the stored water when there is insufficient energy in the sea.
  • OFF-GRID In association with backup power sources, wave energy machines can provide all the energy needs of isolated communities in areas far from the grid. Use of fuel cells to produce energy from hydrogen when sea conditions mean wave energy is insufficient and to produce hydrogen from water when wave energy is abundant, it’s possible to create a closed loop configuration with no need for external fuel sources. A special case of this use is in oil rigs (active or decommissioned) and offshore structures in general: in this case the final cost of the energy or desalinated water produced with wave energy is even lower than in other situations.


Background image: Photo by Michele Grassi